Wisdom Keepers

Hector Motau Hector Motau
Radio Presenter,
Motivational Speaker,
Professional Facilitator
Dr Pam Roux Dr Pam Roux
Transpersonal Psychologist,
Oneness Teacher

Dr Vicki Broome Dr Vicki Broome
Vedic Psychologist,
Transcendental Meditation Teacher
Robin Sharma Robin Sharma
Leadership and Life Renewal Expert, Best Selling Author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Rob Nairn
Buddhist Teacher, Author
Sanyika Calloway Boyce
Personal Empowerment Advocate
Shareen Richter Shareen Richter
Laughter Professor
Dr Rajen Cooppan Dr Rajen Cooppan
Ayurvedic Doctor,
Planetary Lightbearer,
Bruce Muzik
Founder: Designer Life, Success Trainer
Felicity Hart Felicity Hart
Life Coach,
Ordinary Enlightenment Teacher
Dr Helgo Schomer Ph.D
Behavioural Health Consultant,
Radio Shrink
Natalia Baker
Metaphysical Teacher, Counsellor
Pritam Khalsa
Natural Foods Educator,
Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Lisa Nichols Lisa Nichols
Emotionally Intelligent Soul Sister, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the African American Woman
Jo Marshall-Smith
Art of Living Teacher
Rabbi Arthur Seltzer
Kabbalist, Holistic Healer
Dr Baruch Banai Dr Baruch Banai
Transformational Teacher,
Founder of the Centre of Light
Dr Kriben Pillay Prof Kriben Pillay
Deconstructive Philosopher,
Award Winning Writer
John Demartini Dr John Demartini
Trail-blazing Philosopher,
Rowena Baird Rowena Baird
DJ of the Soul Waves
Clive Simpkins
Change Architect, Communications Strategist, Author
Deshun Deysel Deshun Deysel
High Altitude Change Specialist
Mike Dooley Mike Dooley
Life Adventurer,
Best Selling Author
Donna McCallum Donna McCallum
Fantastically Fabulous and
Magical Fairy Godmother
Dorianne Weil "Dr D"
Clinical Psychologist,
Radio and TV Talk Show Host

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