Creative Team

Ian Hooper
Supervising Producer and
 Chief Editor

Ian has produced and directed many successful, long running television shows prior to Journey to the Core. Hooper Productions, a Johannesburg-based company of which Ian is a co-owner, has a well earned reputation for generating high quality entertainment content. Productions include the popular motoring series, Car Torque as well as Gardens Wild and Wonderful, both independently voted as South Africa’s favourite motoring and gardening series respectively. He has more than 30 years experience producing spiritually inspiring and environmentally conscious programmes to a high standard.

Suniti Kala
Series Director, Researcher and Scriptwriter

Suniti began her television production career as a researcher and scriptwriter at Hooper Productions in 2002. Since then she has freelanced as a director, scriptwriter and researcher on numerous television inserts and documentaries. In 2007, she started her own production company, Moksham Productions, which specialises in producing values-based, spiritually oriented programmes that are tailor-made for South African audiences.

Chris Lotz
Director of Photography

A highly accomplished and gifted cameraman, Chris has developed a deep understanding of how to relate imagery to the story being told for maximum visual impact. Rated as being amongst the top cameraman in South Africa, he has worked on numerous award winning programmes and has received 3 NTVA Craft Awards and a host of other nominations.

Jeremy Hooper
Producer, Final Mix Sound

With more than 25 years production experience and co-owner of Hooper Productions, Jeremy manages all financial and logistical aspects relating to the productions and daily business operations.  Series productions include the popular Gardens Wild and Wonderful, and Car Torque. 

Desiree Heynacker

In the film and television industry for more than 25 years, Desiree has a broad experience of editing that spans most genres. She is both highly knowledgeable and passionate about her craft and has a particularly keen knowledge of the Avid Editing system. She has several New York Film and Television Festival awards to her credit

Leslie Geza
Sound Engineer

Leslie is highly regarded as a first rate sound specialist who has worked for many years in television and film production. Always personable and professional, he is an invaluable member of our team.


It remains a joy and privilege to be a part of this cathartic series which extends a platform to some of the most lucid and gifted minds of our time.

Journey to the Core seeks to speak to the spirit and soul of the country and in so doing, shares basic and necessary tools to help us all become more whole as members of the human family.

It is my hope and intent as the formats Commissioning Editor to use this transformative and groundbreaking series to map out a transcendental path for our viewers to unlock barriers and discover a life of purpose and fulfillment that is promised to us all.

Living in Love,

Nhlanhla Hlongwane
Commissioning Editor: SABC Factual

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