Wisdom Keepers

Natalia Baker
Metaphysical Teacher, Counsellor

A former academic at the University of Cape Town, Natalia Baker started teaching metaphysics in 1989. She had a burning desire to find the answers to many of life’s more perplexing questions such as Why are we here? What drives us? and What gives us meaning? 

Natalia firmly believes that we are entering an extraordinary time on the planet, moving out of a dark cycle and into a Golden Age. She says that while it may look as though things are getting worse, in reality, they are improving as corruption, oppression, greed, atrocities and poverty are all revealed to be healed in the light.

Natalia feels passionate about teaching metaphysics, which she believes to be her life purpose.

She is truly a household name in metaphysical circles locally and few leave her courses or talks without experiencing some healing and transformation in the ambit of her insight and loving support.


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