Wisdom Keepers

Shareen Richter
Laughter Professor

Shareen Richter is a qualified laughter professor and coach. She has studied in India with the founder of laughter coaching, Dr Madan Kataria. Shareen heads up the South African School of Laughter.

She has a BCom Hons Degree and has been in commerce for 20 years. On her spiritual journey through her life she has discovered the immense power of laughter on our souls. She says that is has changed the very essence of who she is. Shareen is currently using laughter coaching in the corporate arena, boosting an organisation's morale and efficacy levels by creating a shift in each individual's mood state. She offers one on one coaching, workshops, team building, social upliftment programs and works in any area including the medical field.

She says that laughter is cathartic, boosts the immune system and is a very effective tool in healing both the physical body and the soul.


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