Prof Matt Haus
Maverick, Raconteur, Philanthropist

Is it possible that we inherit not only physical traits from our ancestors, but psychological and spiritual imprints too? Professor Matt Haus shares the importance of genealogy in understanding ourselves better and releasing ourselves from feelings of guilt at our shortcomings. He also discusses the need for an integration of the masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang, in order to take us into the new world and to maximise our creative potential.

Professor Matt Haus came to terms with a harrowing hijack and kidnapping incident through the healing power of music. He found wisdom in the writings of great existential philosophers and has been especially impacted by Victor Frankl’s proposition that we have the ultimate freedom to choose our inner state of being, irrespective of external circumstances.

This philosophy has inspired him to start up Moments in Time, a project which portrays South African cancer patients in an annual calendar, each afflicted with one or other type of cancer, all from different backgrounds and with different life experiences.

“We have been conditioned to avoid pain in life, but there is a great deal of merit and dignity in suffering. Often these lessons in pain are our greatest teachers and in fact, a gift from God."


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