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Episode 6 - Chintz Bhana

The program "Journey to the Core" is an absolute joy to watch as it is an inspiring program. I am so inspired since I watched Mr Chintz Bhana as he has good leadership skills and is certainly dedicating lots of his time to the prisoners. When I saw how he rehabilitates the prisoners through his healing program, I was so touched and immediately knew that this is one person that is making a difference in this country. I am very impressed and touched. I would like to wish Chintz all the best in what he does for our country. Feroza Hassim

I would like to compliment you on your programme which was screened on Tuesday Evening, featuring Chinz Bhana. It was an absolute revelation to see someone who has literally put their money where their mouth is and taken steps to physically make a difference in other people lives. Listening to Chinz explain how striving for more money and ‘stuff’ can only lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction is the truest thing spoken on TV for a long, long time. When John Lennon wrote the words to ‘Imagine’ – he was thinking of people like Chinz…… Imagine all the people, living life as one! If everyone in the world was like Chinz, what a lovely world this would be! Rock On! Dayle Vorster

I would like to thank you for this week's inspirational episode. I believe that this week most South Africans were inspired by this creative idea of shaping our prisoners. I strongly believe that breathing helps you to come in contact with your inner nature; it also cleans the anger and stress that is stored inside of us. I do this often, before I do my writing and whenever I am preparing a talk - it also helps a lot with your studies. God talks to us when we are silent with ourselves and not when we have too much noise and stress that we allow to take over in our experiences; and it is by this exercise that we decide that we can move foward in life. Brian Wells

Wow what a super programme on Journey to the Core! I would love to meet with Chintz sometime and discuss our mutual love and healing for this country and its people! Janet McGhee

Finally!!! There is something that's worthwhile, inspiring, and thought provoking to watch during the week. Thank you for showcasing our South African people, as the impact is definitely uplifting and boosting the morale of all to overcome life's obstacles. We need more programming like this on TV today. This is what I call “soul food... sustenance”! Ushma Mistry


Now that the series has come to an end, I would like to share with your team and viewers what’s happened since the documentary on my life was broadcast on 21st April 2009.

Since then, I have had many calls from all parts of the country requesting firstly about possible dates for a rebroadcast.

Many people, who have been deeply moved by the experience, have offered their help with the Prison SMART program.

Some have requested the names and contact details for Sohum Sanctuary as they are in dire need for alternate therapies, as conventional methods have not improved their situation.

Some have plainly said their faith in God has been restored, while others have stated that there is hope for the country. Others have taken the opportunity and done the Art of Living course and are deriving much benefit from it.

n essence, your program has changed people’s lives positively and we need this good stuff more in the country right now. Once more I would like to thank you for the opportunity to reach out and make a difference to society.

I watched Chintz’s program and found it very inspiring. Daleen Kruger

I saw Chintz’s episode on TV the other night – he is doing a great job and I would love to contribute to his project. Marinus Gerber

Chintz Bhana - You are MAD - Making a Difference! Well Done! Christelle

Chintz’s episode was really good! Neville Nicholas

The program on SABC was amazing. I loved it. Chintz, you and your beautiful family were very natural and a pleasure to watch. Ugendri Ramsaroop

A great program, could we possibly have a repeat showing in a morning time slot? Lynette Zeeman

CHINTZ BHANA taught me last night that we can make a difference if you want to. Show me a SA citizen that does not want to see change in his/her own life. Most of all how he helps the prisoners tells me once again that truly we are all one and we need each other so much right now. Thanks guys for powerful program. South Africa - the time has come to rise up and be counted, we can show other countries that we are standing for LOVE, the one thing you cannot buy with money yet so powerful . We all can give of ourselves to others, no matter how small and today I say thanks to Mr Bhana for showing me that a little really does go a long way. What a show...Now is the time for change inside of us...Joleen Links

I write in appreciation with regards to your program aired this week with Chintz Bhana /Art of Living. It was fabulously done . The manner and excellent use of the content surely inspired many. Great work! Veron

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