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Episode 11 - Taddy Blecher

Taddy's story was inspirational and a lesson to be learnt by us all.....nothing stays the same and what you put in is what you get out.....thank you for re-energising me on my journey... Val Britnow

Watched Dr Taddy Blecher last night and loved his work so much!! I am volunteering for an organization called Shine which teaches children to read and it is very apparent to me that the schooling system is in dire need of more people with a vision like Taddy. Loved it!! Cher

Wow, what an awesome program. I am so inspired by your wonderful efforts to give us as South Africans an insight and to show us through this very strong medium that there are still very special human beings who care and who make such meaningful contributions to mankind and nation building. I would like to commend you and wish you only the best with your inspiring and wonderful program. Keep up with the good work. Much Love and Light. Johan Lewin and the Masibambane Team

Fantastic! I cannot tell you how very much I have enjoyed each and every one of the programmes. The secret lies within each and every one of us, all we have to do is find it and `let it out'. I am 85 years of age, and only recently, since meditation, have I realized that I am placed on this blessed earth for a definite purpose. I am different. I have always known I am different, and now at 85, I’ve found out why! Well done in your endeavors to enlighten the people, and to let them know who they really are. Without exception, we are all special, in our own special ways. Blessings to you! Geoffrey Kennell

What a great episode yesterday. Listening to Dr. Blecher was really an eye opener and inspiring. Pity I missed Lebo Mashile's episode. I would really love to see Dr. Blecher's episode once again, this is the kind of programming we should be bombarded with. Good work. Lulekwa Gqiba


The Journey to the Core series, is a very powerful way of getting to understand what is the drive behind the achievements of some of the many South Africans who are out changing our country and the world...and in so many cases it is their deep underlying spirituality, their connectedness with the Inner Core of life, with the Self, with the perfect light that shines deep within each of us.

I was deeply honoured and grateful to participate in this series, and Suniti, Chris, and Ian, at all times displayed the greatest levels of respect, sensitivity, and insight in making the documentary.

I have personally been amazed at how many people must watch this series, based on all the calls and emails and sms coming in. Hopefully it will inspire many South Africans to go for their highest aspirations rooted to the deepest aspects of themselves, and fulfill our Divine purpose here on earth to create a better world, and to align human life with our infinite potential.

I want to thank everybody for what you are doing, society needs programs like this, as do I.
Cassandra Rushmer

Blown away by Taddy last night. I have tried to keep the magic alive in my kid’s lives and loved getting to know this grown up “Harry Potter”. Your team has the gift of being able to inspire like no other! Thanks for using it for the benefit of us all. Lameze

Journey to the Core is really an amazing and uplifting program and we certainly have way too few of those! I will continue watching and wish you all every blessing and success for the future!
Fiona Aitken-Richardson

Just wanted to let you know that I caught your programme on Taddy Blecher last night – I thought it was great. Really nice to see some quality programming. Heather

An amazing show. Please do not stop! Premila Kisten

Would love to have a copy last night’s program which featured Taddy Blecher. Thank you! Love the program!! One of the very few things worth watching on TV today. Ninette Potgieter

‘When the pupil is ready to learn, the teacher will appear’ - I came across this Chinese proverb some years ago and have since made a concerted effort to be ‘ready to learn’ from every and any situation that presents itself in my life. Journey to the Core has been such an opportunity for me. Week after week I have been blessed to learn something new or I have gained a new insight and the "Journey" has been amazing. And sadly... I have just had a peep at your broadcast dates and I have realised there are only two more episodes to come :-( Deborah Ho- Chung

Once again wonderful programme last night!!! Is there anybody we can contact to keep you guys on TV? Janet McGee, Angels for Africa

Last night's viewing was the first I'd seen and by chance - No - there are no chances in life ‘there is a reason for everything’ - I was so pleased to see transformational info being broadcast at prime time. Wow wow wow, please keep this going - Why may I ask are we only offered 30 mins - there is so much change to bring about especially now in this demanding, changing world.... Thank you for putting the message out to so many that change is possible - to everyone, all the time. Glyn van Rensburg

Where can I get a copy of last night’s show? I am a school teacher and Tuesday evenings, the only homework our students get is to watch Journey to the Core. Week after week you present such inspiring role models. We talk about themes that come up the next day. Taddy’s episode especially meant so much to me and I whole-heartedly embrace his approach to schooling. Thank you for all that you are doing to enrich our journeys. Anna-Marie Kotze

I have so enjoyed watching the series. I have found the people you have filmed are spiritual, grounded and filled with integrity. Thanks for bringing the spiritual facet to our screens in a way that is real and credible. Angelika Anastasis

I am totally addicted to your wonderful show – loved seeing Dr Taddy Blecher on last night. Always have such deep admiration for him and it was nice to learn more about his personal journey. Timothy Miller

Your show single-handedly makes paying for my TV licence worthwhile. Keep up the good work. You make me so proud to be a South African! Andile Lekale

Loved Taddy Blecher’s episode last night. Wonderful that you have created a platform to show the work that is being done to heal our continent and showcase Africa in a positive light. I look forward to learning more about the talented Foster brothers in your upcoming episode. Their films on Africa are a treasure, simply cannot wait!!! Well done, so deeply grateful. Pamela Helston

So. So, So inspired by Dr Blecher and all the work he is doing for the uplift of SA. Thanks for a great show!!! Sarah Bruce

Absolute gem. Would love to have a copy of Taddy’s episode to play at schools in KZN. Ami Mothilal, Former School Principal

Watching a great programme on SABC3 about Taddy. Warren

Jeez, Taddy is such an inspiration. Keep it up! Simphiwe

Just saw Taddy’s show on TV. It totally inspired me about possibilities for the future of South Africa.

Congrats for Taddy’s programme on TV. It’s fantastic. Can we please get a copy of it to show people in our centre?” Ansie

Me and my sons were glued to the screen. Taddy is soooooo amazing! Thanks for providing hope.
Martha, Accreditation Consultant

I'm always following in Taddy’s footsteps. I am who I am because of him. Maharishi Invincibility Institute Staff Member

Wow, that was amazing! We are so inspired and blessed to have Taddy in our lives believing in us and loving us. Di and Craig

Taddy, congratulations and thanks for allowing the Nation to Journey to Your Core. I hope all the right people will be touched by your sure as heck inspired me! Gabriel

The Journey was beautifully filmed, very sensitively done and a well earned tribute to Taddy’s magnificent life, and lofty devotion. Very well done. Richard

Saw Taddy’s documentary on TV, it was fantastic, way to go! Sergio

Very informative - Taddy has some very pertinent points to make about "education" as we know it! Ian Stockwell

Thank you for your truly brilliant show and all it's wonderful insights and wisdom that it provides. I thought the episode on Dr Taddy Blecher was very inspirational. Nicky Ryan

I too was glued to the TV and inspired by everything presented. It was wonderful and I have immediately started to do meditation again. Thank you for this and for making me decide to become more active in my beliefs in a positive manner. But I also believe that it is important and very healthy to challenge some of the thoughts that came into my mind during and since the programme. For instance I believe that it is arrogance to inculcate into the minds of every living human that they are superior animals - why should we think that we are better than the irritating mosquito or the magestic elephant? We just control them indiscriminately, destroying the vital links they all have in our very existence on the planet. If we could educate the world to accept that we cannot do without all of the natural world, using the methods, actions and excellent thought processes of people like Taddy, then we would have a far better place to live in into the future. And we all need to work on this most urgently. Nigel Folker

It is so wonderful to have programs like this on TV! In today's world of difficult times it is important to have a positive focus and inspiration and all of your guests are giving this to us by sharing their positive stories!! Best of luck and long may your program continue!! Nikki Whittal

I have thoroughly enjoyed all your 'Journey to the Core' episodes I had the pleasure of watching. I unfortunately only saw Prof. Phillip Tobias, Lilian Masembeza and Taddy Blecher, which I admit is a small % of your line up, and only made me regret not having been able to see more. I am an all time fan of Prof. Tobias. Thank you very much for this wonderful series, all the best in all your future projects!! Aurelia Msimang Berton

Hi, I absolutely love the program. I was starting to think South African people are totally oblivious to the spiritual awakening taking place on the planet. Through all my exploration in self-awareness, positive inner growth, etc. all the websites and books, etc. were from other countries like America and Australia and the UK, and I was feeling quite isolated, especially in my immediate life like my work collegues, husband, sisters and brothers, I felt like I'm talking another language that they don't understand. Anything outside the traditional church teachings is just plainly seen as "satanic". Therefore I'm quite restricted in that I can't just share everything I learn and experience because I might be stoned to death.:-) I thought If I could just find one website in South Africa that supports this movement towards spiritual awakening I will be so happy, and now here you guys are, THANKS! Petro Du Preez

I have to tell this to South Africans - Dr Taddy Blecher has been great to me as a father, teacher and mentor. I am lucky to be the young black man to be taught by him. Let us all stand and support him to make the world a better place. Bongani Phiri

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