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Episode 12 - Mbuyiselo Botha

HI, watched your insert on Mbuyiselo... what a wonderful man. I am so uplifted just knowing that there are people like him out there in our embattled and divided country, people committed to the same values I believe in. Thank you Mbuyiselo, for your work, for your spirit and for sharing your passion with us via this awesome show. Karen

Well Done with the doccie on Mbuyiselo and his Sonke project. Twas such a refreshing piece. Sipho Mthethwa

I had never watched Journey to the Core, before tonight, 2 June. What an inspirational program! I am currently writing my masters dissertation about notions of masculinity and HIV/AIDS and so while I am consumed by this topic I feel I don't often see it discussed in the media, even though it is such an important issue, in my opinion. And so what a breath of fresh air to hear the story of Mbuyiselo Botha. His attitude and life story is so inspirational, something we can all learn from. And it is so wonderful to see a program teaching us such positive things, and giving us positive role models, rather than reinforcing gender stereotypes, as many forms of entertainment do. Well done, much appreciated! Hayley Thomson

A father who radiates self love and acceptance actually vaccinates his kids against low self esteem. Would love to have a repeat of Mbuyiselo's program please!!! Paula Mabitsel

Mbuyiselo reminded me of how much we had to endure in the past - he is a great symbol of forgiveness, he brought home the point to me that holding onto anger and hatred hurts me and me alone. Bulelwa


I was thrilled by an opportunity that Journey to the Core presented to me to share my story with my fellow compatriots.

Sharing the story of my life was indeed a healing process for myself and I guess for millions of South Africans who are still hurting as a result of the horrendous aftereffects of apartheid.

I have had people calling me saying “This is what we need as South Africans stories that uplifts us spiritually, I am proud of what the SABC has done to highlight such life giving and inspiring stories.”

Journey to the Core I believe it’s a program which not only inspires us as South Africans but it also instills in all of us a sense of hope amidst what may look to be a helpless and hopeless situation. This programme has indeed changed lives I believe.

Journey to the Core is doing a wonderful job for a country that is still in dire need of healing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope that people out there are sitting up to take notice of your marvellous efforts. Once again, I found watching last night so worthwhile. Vera Harvey

Wish I can meet Mbuyiselo and his wonderful family sometime. They are great examples of what families should be made of: love, respect and laughter. His daughters give me new hope for the future of our country. Patrick Jada

Thanks for a inspiring and motivational programme. This programme each week gives me new vision and outlook on life. It inspires me to live life differently. Andrč Du Toit

Mbuyiselo Botha makes us men proud - he is a great role model for young men. Thuthuka
I love this programme. It always leaves me with a smile on my face :)))) Vinita Naidoo

You are our hero Mbuyiselo! Thank you for your work to change gender relations in our world. Sedudula

Superb! Very moving! Thanks to Mbuyiselo for his invaluable contribution in promoting women's rights and dignity. Proud of you brother! Jacob Madodo

I've had a challenging life and had to encounter it all - illness, loss, heartache etc etc. I always thought that the world is an uncaring place, but this series has proved me wrong. So many people doing such good. So many really honest, good people. It has restored my faith in this human species and for that I commend you and I thank you. We all have so much to learn from these very great souls. May you be blessed and guided in your work. Ilse Verster

Wow what another fantastic programme - where do you find these awesome people? I would love to meet Mbuyiselo - he is so inspirational! Janet McGee

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