Chintz Bhana
Art of Living and Prison SMART Teacher

After attaining all his financial aspirations in the corporate sector, Chintz Bhana still felt a deep sense of emptiness and alienation. This changed dramatically when he attended an Art of Living self development programme.

The course awakened him to the hidden secrets of the breath in healing the body, calming the mind and connecting to spirit.

Today Chintz has found his life purpose by teaching these techniques in prison institutions countrywide.

Experiencing firsthand the devastating effects of crime himself, this soul calling has also dispelled his deeply held fear of criminals. I see them so differently now, he says, the anger and frustration that ferments into violence is nothing other than love standing upside down. When taught the correct practices to channel these negative emotions, its just so fulfilling to see even the most hardened offenders blossom into caring individuals.

Through Chintz's story we take a look at how to attain a balance between meeting our own financial needs and giving back to society as well as investigating the important issue of whether or not we can take a positive and pro-active stance against crime.

It is our wants that keep us unhappy, not our needs. When we surrender and trust the universe fully, we find that all our needs are effortlessly fulfilled.

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