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Episode 10 - Verity

I watched the SABC 3 program on your Journey and I was very much inspired. Like Verity I have been writing songs and lyrics for many years now and I even sang with 2 bands but I never had the guts to make it my full time career. I decided in June last year that it’s what I want to do and seeing Verity’s story last night confirmed to me that I should not hesitate anymore. Mandisa Macingwane

Seeing Verity on TV last night made me realise why she’s such an inspiration to me and I guess to thousands of other people as well...keep it up, Verity! Gavin Overmeyer
Verity’s episode was beautiful! Thank you for the reminder that anything is possible! Debbie Rabinowitz

WOW! What a breath of fresh air this programme is, especially when one is "overwhelmed"! Sending you all Africa's magical energy! Giorgio Lombardi

Verity is so blessed to have the talent, the privilege of living her dream and the support of loving people. Good for her for getting back on her feet to take the next step forward. Her story will be an inspiration to many in despair. Francois Swanepoel

I've been hooked on the show since the very 1st episode and was pleased to see that Verity will be featured. I think the show is amazing and is so what South Africa has needed for a long time. Deborah Ho-Chung

Loved it! Nadia Bassett

I saw Journey to the Core last night - gorgeous, very inspirational. One of my favorite quotes: "You have to live spherically, in many directions. Never lose your childish enthusiasm…and good things will come your way". - I think you've got that "down". Well done Verity, and keep on keeping on. Love and light, Mito Rita Skellern

Verity, your story on Journey to the Core has inspired me yet again. It was amazing. You are blessed. I just loved your special Angel group too and would love to be part of something like that one day. As usual I will continue to follow you on your journey and look forward to seeing you shine even brighter. Thank you so much. Gaynor Adair

FABULOUS SHOW!!!!!!! Sandi Muranda

I watched Verity’s show last night and was inspired to email you!!! She is an INCREDIBLE inspiration!!! I'm going to buy her CD today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yvette Norris

I was thrilled by your journey this week. I love the programme and Verity really inspired me. I sort of understand her feelings and I sometimes feel that inner emptiness. I am working fulltime for a government department and have just completed a hectic MBA degree. I now feel that emptiness which kills me at times. I have decided to take a months leave in June to find myself. Please supply me with the name of the book Verity talked about, "different hats?". Veli Bapela

I caught Verity’s show half way to the end on SABC 3 , but the least I saw inspired me to the extreme. I've been trying to do something with the God given talent I have. In the current times where money plays a huge factor to happiness then passion - it’s hard to follow your dreams. I'm currently working a 6 – 6 job to survive hence no time to even make it a hobby ….sigh . My passion for music has been troubling me forever, like you I was discouraged at an early age to sing . Which led to me never learning any instrument or even try to write songs . You'll be happy to know that from today I'm making time , finding ways to be true to my music. I would like to thank Verity for telling her story , she is an inspiration. Inspired, Gugu Sibeko


I just want to thank you all much for the incredible experience of working with you on my insert for "Journey to the Core".

As a team you are amazingly professional and very easy to work with. I found your vision for my episode and the way you went about pulling it all together astounding. I loved that you researched my story so thoroughly and then brought your own flavour to the telling of it.

The finished episode absolutely blew me away! I loved how beautifully it had been edited and how effortlessly you wove my story together and I was inundated with emails after the episode flighted.

My Facebook page was flooded with comments and my blog & website had record visits in the days following the show. People were deeply touched & inspired and I continue to receive emails to that effect.

The way the episode was put together not only gave viewers a clear view into my story but also really useful tools for their own lives. I have had many mails requesting more information on Edward De Bono's "Six Thinking Hats" as well as people wanting to know how to start their own "Angel" group.

I feel very blessed to have had the platform of "Journey to the Core" to share these simple tools and to have had the overwhelming feedback that viewers found it relevant and useful to their own lives.

Thank you for creating such a positive, inspiring and motivating show. I wish there were more programs of "Journey To The Core's" depth and relevance as from the feedback I have received it is apparent that people are hungry for inspiration and hope in these challenging times. Keep up the amazing work!


It was awesome to watch Journey to the Core last night! Camilla Hazell-Harradine

Verity, You were awesome! Monique Du Plessis Murray

Great show, well done! Robert Derek Odendaal

Was a great TV show, congrats and may Verity go from strength to strength. Steve Bailey

Saw Verity on SABC 3 the other night / regardiing walk in spain.... Good job :-) Mark Finch

It was awesome and MOST inspiring! Thank you so much Verity for sharing your extaordinary journey to your beautiful brave core with all of us. Alwena Denton

Well done, Verity - we were very proud of you last night! Ian Macdonald

Flicked on teli by chance last night and caught Verity’s epsiode - very cool! Lara Nicky Chaitman

LOVED IT!!! So inspired!! Thank you. Lindsay Baynham

Loved it - was excellent and I shed a few tears as well! Xxxx Polly Edwards

Well done Verity !! Sean MacMahon

Amazing! Verity, I am so inspired and motivated by your 'journey to the core.' We do need more good vibes like yours within the music industry, and life. Love your music. Peace and love, Brendan Lesley VerMaak

Wow! Andre Van Der Sandt

Just caught Verity on J2tC. She is a truly are an inspiring and powerful woman. Thank you 4 sharing her story. Richard Adam Lothian

Just saw Verity on Journey to the Core... wow! very impressive and amazing! Great job... keep it up! Ayesha Andrea Van Staaden

Bravo!! ? ? Neill Le Roux

Just watched Journey to the Core and was really impressed. Congrats on your success, Verity. Darryl Bennette

I am currently watching Verity on Sabc3 and it is so cool finding out more about Verity as a person. Husanain Abdullah

Nice programme on SABC 3 last night. Karen Beth Crossley

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