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Episode 3 - Prof Phillip Tobias

At last I got to see Journey to the Core - Congratulations, Mazeltov etc etc – I love it, a great programme and what a lovely old man Prof Tobias is. I could spend hours listening to him. I loved the glint in his student’s eyes when they talked to him / listened to him and /or talked about him! He is clearly very well loved. Michael Poznanovich

Self help books, I have read them all. Watching the last episode, just moved me to a place I can't fully express in words alone. I had been going through a personal crisis when the show first came on and three episodes after, my breakthrough came. Realisation, need for action and integrity are what I take weekly from the show. Prof Tobias is truly an amazing man, I went and read up on his research and boy was I blown away. Truly is a blessing to be an African in Africa. Patrick Makhafola

The whole world is aching for good news, for heroes. Everyone needs a hero and here, sensitively and elegantly, you bring us the unsung heroes, the people in this chaotic and harsh world, who with their dedication and their passion, lift the load and show the way. I salute you! You’re a team doing and exposing a rewarding and vital subject. Margaret Roberts

Watched your program last week and it was awesome. Everything looked well thought out and the pieces just flowed so wonderfully together. Looking forward to the next one. Manesh Gosai

As  one of the many privileged students to have been at the receiving end of Prof Tobias’ riveting lectures, I was thrilled to be reminded once again of the incredible stature of this true South African icon. He is every bit as humble as he is accomplished. You could not have found a person of better integrity to profile on your superb series. Thank you for a wonderful show that was out of this world!


It was an unusual privilege to have been invited to participate in “Journey to the Core”. This is an example of a rather rare programme which takes the viewer and listener beyond the surface with its all too frequent superficialities, probing deeply into the heart and soul of those taking part.

There is so much to digest and appreciate in each programme, that I feel sure that many viewers would welcome the opportunity to see a further series of these uplifting programmes.

I warmly support the proposal that “Journey to the Core” be given a second series as well as a rerun of the first series by the SABC.

Its educational content and spiritual underpinning will be of immense value to those who missed it on the first time around – and even to those who would like to view it for a second flighting. With warm personal regards, Phillip Tobias.

I was sceptical about what I could possible learn from the "academic" Professor Tobias but was pleasantly surprised. Thank you. And as much as Prof Tobias opened my mind to a few new ideas I became very aware that I was also watching a very good piece of TV journalism that satisfied my hunger for things spiritual while stimulating me on an intellectual level as well. Finally we are able to be inspired by the many great South Africans in our country. For too long we have had to watch Oprah and Dr Phil for "inspiration". Thank you for bringing our own stories to life and may there be many more!!! Well done to all involved. Deborah Ho-Chung

Professor Tobias’ episode was outstanding! Our whole family loved it. I knew him, but it was nice to see this personal side of him that is so gentle and sincere. Lorato Scherpenhuyzen

Thank you for a happy escape each week and a big ‘well done’ to the SABC for showcasing this important topic. Naledi Lobese

Professor Tobias has been an inspiration to three generations of my family - it was a delight to share his personal journey and to get to know him better. Leanne Gordon

Great programme, well done! Felicity Krowitz


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