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Episode 1 - Thabang Skwambane

I just want to say thanks for a great program. I watched how Thabang told his story last night and it really opened my eyes to see that there is so much more that we can do for others, we don't have to be rich and every little effort helps. I really wish him well as he took his setbacks and turn it into something where he and others can benefit from. Thanks again to each one of you. Joleen

Thank you for this great Program! We have been waiting for such an inspiring show that gives hope and ignites courage inside the hearts of our people. I hope to see more of these programs in the future. We are always bombarded with mediocre shows that we could really do with more like this one. Thank you!! Tshegofatso Applegreen

I saw your programme on TV for the first time last night and I am hooked. I am so inspired by Thabang, what humility, what a lot to go through! I think I am so affected because for me it has been a personal mammoth struggle trying to find a happy medium between business, personal and spiritual life, and I so admire his candour at his failures and the reasons for them, but also his modesty at his successes. Dennis Ngxongo

Stunning! Stunning! Stunning! This is just what our country needs right now. Beautifully filmed and edited. Well done on a great job! Look forward to the rest of the series. Hanna

What a pleasure to see a programme with some depth and substance at last. You’ve restored my faith in television! T. Dhlamini

Congratulations - awesome stuff. Thanks for giving us a good-news program that promises to promote and grow positive attitudes into the core of the people of this wonderfully beautiful country of ours. May your programs and other activities grow and grow till this whole country and region is transformed. Keep up the good work. Francois Swanepoel


It has been a new journey afresh since the programme started and both my organisations (The Lonely Road Foundation and Kaelo Consulting) have been inundated with emails and messages.

Indeed, South Africans have responded positively to the programme. I personally have experienced a new sense of awareness around Health and Wellness, and Orphans and Vulnerable Children in my interaction with companies, other NGO’s, Government departments, individuals and my staff.

It was a well produced, dramatic and impactful piece that drove home a real message of social conscience. I enjoyed working with the Journey to the Core team, who were courteous, patient and above all most professional.

It would be a pleasure to work with Hooper productions and the team again, making a difference in the lives of South Africans from all walks of life.

Just wonderful to hear of this new series!  It is high time that we bring a consciousness to things other than the violence and darkness which is hitting us from all sides. Zaheda Coovadia

Thabang's story was so motivational and we need more South Africans like this. If there is a way that I can be involved in one of his projects I would really appreciate it. Pilwana Modjadji

I was so inspired by Thabang's story. I'd love to have such a story in my library. It's one of those things one can use to motivate themselves again and again. Phathutshedzo Patrick Nemushungwa


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