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Here's what viewers had to say about episode 2 - Sunette Pienaar

I watched Journey to the Core for the first time last night - wow - what a lovely show. Thank you! Sunette Pienaar is an amazing soul and just listening to her has awakened something inside me. I am definitely going to start tapping into my inner soul a lot more and try a lot harder to help those less fortunate. I'm also going to make sure I don't miss an episode! Karina Maccarthy

I can’t begin to tell you how inspired I was. Things have just been going “oh so wrong” and what an inspiration it was just listening to Sunette! I cannot begin to tell you what this has done for me. I felt as though I was falling into a deep black pit and had lost my faith in my fellow human beings. This lady is - well there just are no words to describe her - I would love to spend a few minutes in her company. Really found her so inspirational... Wendy R 

It took me a day or so to fully understand the extent of self sacrifice Sunette had to go through, and I believe that is what has led to her being so balanced. She is a true inspiration. After all 'Love is all we need'. I loved the fact that she has found inspiration in the arts which I believe does elevate one closer to the core. Well done once more guys! Patrick Makhafola

Sunette, like you I am an Afrikaans girl in my mid-thirties. You’ve spent the last ten years making a difference in the lives of thousands of AIDS orphans, while I’ve been slaving away to earn enough money to get that latest cell phone or apple mac. I used to think that my hairdo and the expensive clothes that I spend thousands on each month defined me, but what a wake-up call this show is turning out to be! You made me take a good look at my life and I sincerely feel inspired to change. T. Groenewald

I loved the show!  Glad to see that this awakening has hit the TV for our fellow South Africans. Michael Carter

I have to say I watched last week's episode and it was wonderful!  Thabang's attitude was so positive and he was so motivational.  It made me watch last night's episode which I also enjoyed thoroughly.  Thanks for an awesome show.  It really is an inspiration, and that is desperately needed in today's hectic life. Karushni Naidoo

Sunette Pienaar – a big thank you to you! I, like many others, am stuck in a meaningless 9-5 job. Young, dynamic professionals like you and the guy on last week’s show really give me the courage to go out their and start making a difference. By the way, I am also a John Lennon fan! Lerato Mamabolo

I finally got to see Journey to the Core and I loved it!  Sunette is a remarkable lady and the focus of the programme is brilliant. Well Done!!  I look forward to next week’s show ;-) Cher

I love the input from your expert panel – it’s nice to see that people of all persuasions and backgrounds hold the wisdom to life. As Sunette says, it’s about time we started to listen to each other and realize that no one religion or group has a monopoly on truth. Andrew


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