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Episode 8 - Matt Haus

I thoroughly enjoyed last night's episode featuring Prof. Matt Haus. The quote that stuck: "the locus of control lies within us." Excellent and truly inspiring viewing! Jerome Wessels

Journey to the Core resonates with me on a so many levels. Thank you for what you do and the value you contribute to the enrichment and awareness of South Africa. Rory Jean-Jacques

This is the best thing Iíve ever seen on TV. It is food for my mind, it gives me courage, and leads me to my senses. I am loving it! Luvo Mafuna

Congratulations on a wonderful production! - This show should be distributed internationally! Having lived in Los Angeles + New York for the past 20years, as well as being in the "biz", I can say with authority that your production is of a world class standard re production and content - We need more shows of this calibre - JOB WELL DONE!!! Di Wood

I really enjoy your programme and find it truly inspiring. Emma Ntjie

Spirited heroines... heroes... ENDLESS wisdom... enchanting and enduring... I myself went through so much pain in relationships... THESE people to me ALL a beacon of hope and inspiration... I absolutely loved Prof Matt... keep up the good work!!!! LIVE LIGHT! Brenda de Klerk

I enjoyed the episode on Prof Matt Haus on 5/5/2009 and would love to get a copy of the broadcast. Albert Nkohane

It was a lovely surprise to see a familiar face on TV . Matt is so inspirational! Chris Abel

Wow, I just watched Journey to the Core, incredibly inspirational, Mattís daughters are beautiful and thank goodness he carried on such an inspirational gene pool. Lindsay Drysdale

Thank you for all the good that is being expressed in every episode of 'Journey to the Core' - it is so enlightening, positive & inspiring and truly the kind of inspiration everybody needs. It is so wonderful to watch a programme where you feel spiritually and intellectually stimulated! Well done to all involved - your message is so important! Hope you will be re-broadcasting the series? I'm sure that workshops etc. with your wisdom keepers will be very popular as well? Wilma Tarr

I think this is such a brilliant eye opener for people in South Africa...Awesome and well done for coming up with this brilliant concept. Cher Araujo

I have seen the last two episodes and must congratulate you on a programme worth watching.
Karen van Schalkwyk


I would like to commend and congratulate the management at SABC 3 for having the courage and insight to produce and air the unique and thought-provoking documentary series "Journey to the Core".

It has been a long time coming that such a spiritual series has received the Prime Time slot and thereby being made accessible to so many more viewers.

The responses to some of the episodes were indicative of an enormous hunger in the public's psyche for programmes of substance and meaning.

It is possibly a misperception that this kind of programme will not appeal to many sectors of the general public, particularly when the programmes which are produced reflect the skills and quality of this series.

It is hoped that SABC 3 will continue to provide all sectors of its viewership with the eclectic mix and variation of choices it is now demonstrating.

While it may take some time to fully establish a new genre such as this, it is an astute and responsible investment in propagating and sustaining a societal conscience and a more robust morality of the highest order.

Congratulations again, and please persist with your efforts to reach the hearts and minds of our people. Our country needs to reflect more often on these things!

Last night's episode was awesome, as usual! Jean Cormac

Your programme is brilliant - watched Dr Matt Haus last night what an inspiration! I am certain you will be re-commissioned your programme quality is really outstanding! Wouldn't miss your programme! Janet McGhee

I was involved in a car accident 23 years ago and suffered a crippling and traumatic brain injury. I found that both Viktor Frankl and genealogy have played a part in helping me cope, so I could really relate to Matt's episode. Thanks for a great programme! Derick Poremba-Brumer

I was totally moved by Mattís programme and by his passion and insight. Itís really stirred my passion again and has Ďfired upí my need to give. Wendy Shakenovsky, Hospice

What a fantastic program - I commend SABC and the producers for taking the leap to showcase this! Such inspirational stories. It makes one sit up and really ponder one's own life....what to be grateful for and what could be done... Leriť Yell

I was looking forward to this episode, it was my first "Journey to the Core" tele-experience. I saw and heard Prof Haus in Bloemfontein a few years ago at the Moments in Time Calender Launch. It was an "existential moment in time" for me as I was a lecturer for Oncology nursing students at Wits. My philosophy for the course was in congruence with Prof Haus's vision and commitment. I love how his musical talent, poetry and passion speaks to all of us who walk the path of resistance in the war against cancer. Magda Seguin

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