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Episode 7 - Marko Saravanja

What I really like about Journey to The Core is that it's inspiring in a way that is not preachy and it's so lovely to watch. The photography is beautiful" Frith Coetzee

Just wanted to tell you that we loved Marko’s story last night. I love the way you combined so many messages in this episode – African healing, vegetarianism, being a monk, giving, education – it was really fantastic & well put together! Shekha Samjee

Thanks guys, you are doing a great job because Marko's episode helps us to push forward for success and dreams. Brian Wells

I watched Journey to the Core yesterday for the first time and feel that I really missed out on the previous episodes. Do you know if they will be screened again, or is there a way I can get hold of them? Vikesh

Yet another AMAZING episode of Journey to the Core. What a “nice” guy Marko is (not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe him) and Penny and the 2 girls are gorgeous too! Thanks for getting the cat in – my favourite part!!! This is indeed the time South Africa needs this kind of show the most – I pray that the audience out there is getting it too! Michael

I have only viewed the episode on Marko Saravanja and found it absolutely enlightening. Will you be re-broadcasting the series? Deepa


Journey to the Core as a series is very enlightening indeed.  The comments elicited by not only followers of the series itself but past and current clients has been very fulfilling indeed. 

What we noticed throughout the programmes that we witnessed was how success need not be the cut-throat world that is sometimes portrayed today but rather it is also a result of the spiritual and emotional intelligence that when combined through the correct channels; breeds the relevant success.

What the series highlights is no matter the background or the circumstances, it is those that have the ability to pick themselves up time and time again after they have fallen, and surge ahead, that become successful

I really loved Marko's end quote. Amazing. Awesome. Inspiring. Ilana

I saw the program “Journey to the core” and enjoyed Marko’s story. I’d like to thank him for sharing his story with everyone. I found it interesting and inspiring. Robin Grant

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