Lebo Mashile
Performance Artist, Life Skills Facilitator, Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Phenomenal all-round talent, Lebo Mashile has achieved local and international acclaim in diverse fields while always remaining true to her inner values. Astonishingly accomplished at a young age, Lebo uses her fame and success to reach out and transform South Africa through the power of the spoken word, music and the media.

Driven by a heartfelt urge to use her success to change retrogressive mindsets that condone abuse, discrimination and other societal vices, she believes that women are the conscience of society.

In this episode, we take a look at how Lebo’s values filter into all aspects of her life as we accompany her on an inner pilgrimage that involves journaling, communing with ancestors and finding solace and support in friends and family.

“I see myself as a part of an integral whole – by hurting others, I hurt myself.”



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