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Episode 5 - Colleen Joy Page

Colleen is such an incredible person her inspiration has given me the strength through many a dark moment in my life, she is truly a lightworker. Catherine de Boucherville

I don't watch much TV but am a huge fan of Prof Phillip Tobias and when I came across him on Journey to the Core I was hooked, I can't thank you enough TV3 for this wonderful program - my 2 girls 14 & 18, my husband & I will not miss an episode. Colleens episode had me in tears yours too Prof Tobias. DON'T STOP THIS PROGRAM - Their are lots of people in SA you can interview and SA needs this type of healing. Thank you. Karen Hannan

Thank you Colleen - what a wonderful gift you gave me last week - Thank you - you have inspired me to paint again. Karen

I watched your program last night and was completely blown away and enjoyed the program very much. The lady on the program is a phenomenal woman and I would give the earth to meet her. I have only for the first time started watching Journey to the Core and will from now on make sure I watch it every week. Neil Cox

Watched Colleen on SABC 3 last night – what a great example of a spiritually enlightened human being! Shelley

Thank you Thank you SO much for starting this positive, inspiring awareness! This is the kind of media and information we need! Even my kids (9 and 13) enjoyed and understood it! We are so proud of SABC3! Keep it coming! Namaste. Elizme Le Roux

What a powerful and inspiring show last night - indeed illness can turn out to be a blessing in one’s life. Be blessed!!! Catherine


Suniti Kala and the Hooper Productions team are one of the most dedicated and professional production team that I have yet to encounter in my many years of various television experiences.

Journey to the Core’s message is critical for South Africa in this time. It brings real solutions through a voice of inspiration and reality that drives home hope and solutions.

Viewers enjoy great creative television and artistic entertainment and are empowered by real value and take-home knowledge.

The feedback I have gotten from my extensive database has been incredible – many watched the series (and usually don’t watch SABC 3), so I have no doubt that the show also brought many new viewers to the channel. Thank you to all involved, the series changed lives.

Colleen's episode meant so much to me. There is so much garbage on TV today, that it's rare to find a good programme that will have one glued to the set. I find Journey to the Core thought-provoking; there is no bad language, violence or ugliness. It's intelligent TV - at last I feel that I've found something that I can really watch! Phyllis Kleinberg

What a story – I enjoyed it very much! Mbu

Loved Colleen’s episode - beautiful, really authentic & inspiring. Pam

Absolutely thrilled to see the Natalia Baker on your show last night. What a wonderfully spirited woman she is. I’ve attended her workshop and she really lives her truth. Lisa

I watched Colleen’s epsiode last night and learned a lot. She is such a positive inspiration! Magda

Colleen’s story was absolutely stunning. Congratulations on your success!!! Tania Barbarovich

Wow, last night I turned the TV on by chance, I don't watch much because there's nothing much to watch.  Well, until now ...  What a refreshing revisit to soul, Thanks Colleen!  I'll be sure to watch future episodes, please keep them coming. Jo Warden

Just a quick note to say hello and congrats on the awesome insert on Journey to the Core last night – Colleen came across so well and was very inspiring. Belinda Doveston

Journey to the Core is an incredible show, with an amazing message for such a time as this in the world. Rory 

Congratulations on a great TV show. Colleen is a remarkable woman. Maggi

Just watched your documentary on TV. It is truly inspiring. Hennie van der Merwe

I have been hooked to Journey to the Core since I accidentally found myself watching the tail-end of the very first episode while waiting for somebody. As soon as the program ended I rushed to my computer and Googled the show and then promptly set a reminder on my telephone so that I could watch the next episode. I have not been disappointed since. Deborah LT Ho-Chung

I watched Journey to the Core last night and know Colleen very well - brilliant and what a super quality programme – I was so impressed and excited!!! Janet McGhee

I loved last night’s episode – I thought it was very touching and really made me think about my own apple tree.  Well done guys!  Keep it up. Marianne de Klerk

Colleen’s episode was lovely! Jurie

I am inspired by this wonderful woman’s inspirational story, the strength and perseverance which she had gone through and especially when she had to face another tragedy of her younger daughter Megan’s illness. I am touched by the fact that Colleen made it through all her pain and for the fact that she helped herself to overcome these tragic matters. Thanks for this heartening episode! Brian Wells

I am a 17 year old male and have found a recent interest in connecting with my core being since I picked up an Eckhart Tolle book. I happened to stumble upon this program by accident and found myself watching it. The reason I am interested in connecting with my core is because of social dynamics, an interest I have been reading into for the past 6 months. I realised as a high school student it is difficult to find a stable, healthy identity and that social conditioning affects our way being. This is a program I will be watching. Ricardo Rodrigues

Thanks for a fantastic program, really appreciate each one of you, we need upliftment in our lives and I pray that each one of you receive it too. Joleen

Thank you for a lovely story. It’s a blessing. A worthy story, very educational. Johnny and Sarah

This episode was brilliantly done! I enjoyed it and the great messages that came through. Tam

I so enjoyed the documentary – quite terrific! Judy

Colleen – your documentary was stunning, so inspiring. Couldn’t believe the way your daughter spoke – she is definitely another Colleen in the making. Lorato

I have no words to express just how much this series has helped me – thank you for the love and hope you bring to our lives each week. Rengi

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