Colleen Joy Page
Artist, Author, Motivational Speaker

Can art and creative expression assist us in tapping into the innate wisdom of the soul? For author and motivational speaker Colleen Joy Page, the simple image of an apple tree revealed many profound secrets about life, Being and intuition.

Colleen confronted suffering, illness and mortality at an early age when she was diagnosed with a disfiguring brain tumour and again with the recurring illness of her younger daughter Megan. Colleen talks about how these medical traumas have been a blessing in disguise, teaching her powerful and often painful life lessons.

Today Colleen conducts workshops teaching people to distinguish the voice of intuition from the voice of the ego. She also assists the Kidney Beanz Trust to raise funds for the non-medical needs of paediatric dialysis patients.

“When we realise our oneness with all of creation, we are able to naturally and effortlessly tap into the intuitive powers that lie dormant within each one of us."

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