Professor Phillip Tobias
Professor Emeritus, P
Anti-Apartheid Activist

A world famous academic with an illustrious career, Professor Tobias overcame the death of his younger sister, his parent’s divorce and the subsequent bankruptcy of his father to become South Africa’s most loved scientist.

As an outspoken critic of apartheid, he fought relentlessly to keep universities open to all races and used his academic studies to eloquently argue that there is no scientific basis for racial classification. He has also been credited with playing an instrumental role in persuading the world to accept and celebrate Africa as the cradle of humanity.

A living emblem of embracing values and a sense of justice over career expediency, he discusses the various events that have shaped his own personal views, in particular those on the role of ethics and spirituality in modern science. He also talks about his deep love of reading books and of how sharing a cup of tea with friends and colleagues helps to forge human relationships.

Prof Tobias’ infectious enthusiasm and extraordinary personality provide a lively and thought provoking spark to the series.

“My love for people has motivated all that I have done”.


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