Marko Saravanja
Businessman, Spiritualist, Philanthropist and Family Man

The sudden death of his best friend at the age of eight sparked a burning desire in Marko to find out the meaning of life. This earnest search resulted in him becoming a monk at the age of twenty one when he renounced all worldly attachments and dedicated his life to the selfless service of humanity.

After a number of years, Marko made the decision to explore the world outside of the monastic life and gain an education. This journey explored a more materialistic and adventurous lifestyle, yet one still deeply grounded by his spiritual values.

“When we embark upon a spiritual path, it’s easy to take to extremes,” says Marko, “my life story is really about learning to tread the middle path, of being in the world, yet not of it.” Today, Marko is a settled family man who feels that he is making a meaningful contribution to society through his Regenesys College which trains aspiring business leaders on the role of spiritual and emotional intelligence in the work place.

Marko believes that a disciplined lifestyle of meditation, affirmations and a strict vegetarian diet are what keep him focused and centred, while his love for extreme sports helps him to overcome self-imposed limitations.

“People must overcome their ‘poverty mentality’ which assumes that you cannot be authentic unless you are poor. What we need instead is an abundance mentality, as the more money you have, the more you are able to meaningfully help others, provided that your motives remain pure."


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