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Episode 13 - Craig Foster

That was a lovely programme on Craig and his journey. It is great that he shared his experiences like that. Nice images to complement the story and the themes. What an unusual journey Craig has had. He has closed the circle, bringing 80000 years of human migration back to connection with its source. Boetie Toerien

WOW!! I was absolutely amazed at watching your last show!! I am going through the same dilemma as Craig did and was trying to understand why? It just made so much more sense to me afterwards. I am always soul searching and never at peace.. too much to know and I feel I don’t get the answers!! Would really love to learn from Craig’s experiences and know more. Debbie Gray

Craig, thank you so much for your contribution to my life and mankind. I am writing this email literally five minutes after your feature was aired on SABC3. Please accept my humble thanks and appreciation for a wonderful insight. I wish you many blessings. Garth Brandon-Podd

I really enjoyed the documentary. Whoever was responsible did wonderful work. Not only was it beautifully filmed but it also captured Craig’s essence and message in a way that made it more than a documentary. Thanks, Craig, for sharing the love and magic of your life with us all. Laura Santoni-Wing

I watched most of the Craig Foster episode last night as I had turned on the TV late and had not known of this series before. This was the first episode that I viewed. I am not a regular TV viewer but for once I sat riveted to the screen and prayed that there would be no disturbances so that I could absorb it all. In future I will certainly be watching the episodes to come regularly. The depth of the content and the tasteful manner in which it was presented was absolutely breath-taking to say the least. I could not believe that finally there is a program worthwhile watching. I could actually identify with most of the presentation especially the concept of Oneness and our interconnectedness with all of Natures creations. "As in Nature so with Man". Congratulations on a thought-provoking series. Kamy Dhavaraj


If all television followed the model of journey to the core our society would be greatly enriched. It’s a series that speaks to all parts of humanity, mind body and soul.

While still entertaining through clever story telling, the series has clearly inspired many people to cope better with their life challenges while giving other viewers a deep insight into the personal lives of people they would never normally meet.

This style of television has a hugely positive affect on society because it makes people look at their own lives and gives them powerful tools to improve themselves. The messages and stories are for the most part timeless.

As a participant I felt hugely privileged to work with such a dedicated and professional film team and was amazed at the quality of the final product. I have worked in the international feature documentary arena for 20 years and was inspired by the ability of the team to produce such a high quality product in such a short time. This style of TV is so rare and so deeply inspiring for society.  

Blessings, Craig Foster

Once again what a super, super programme - Craig is awesome! I loved it when he said that Africa holds a special intelligence - when you look at a map of the world Africa is the only continent that looks like a wing - therefore I believe Africa also holds a higher intelligence which is guiding the planet through AFRICA! Keep up the brilliant work! Janet McGhee - Angels for Africa  

I saw the show last night and it was very interesting, Its amazing how we are all connected - I have this need for more ... and Craig opened my mind. Thanx. Johan Muller

I work in broadcasting / video / as a naturalist conservationist and found your episode with Craig last night a mirror of, in particular, the last 18 months...... many thanks for a great insight. Tim Neary

Wow Craig!  What you might not realise is that you are a whitelight and your brother a warrior.  Also that the two of you had shared already a few past lives together on your epic journey of discovery.  Until tonight the two of you didn’t even exist in my world.  Now I want to know everything. Sylvana

What an amazing concept. I thoroughly enjoyed the program on Tuesday this week...the first one I have seen. The topic really resonated with me in all ways....Lesley Mcknight

I never miss this program.  It's full of good news in a world filled with scary things. Audrey Coetsee

Thank you so much for the Craig Foster story and I am saddened that it is the end of the series.  I have learned so much from "Journey to the Core," and realize how little we know of ourselves and our potential.  How very precious we all are, and how some, like me at age 85, only realize it until it is almost too late. My journey is not over, there is much for me to do, and most importantly that I share my knowledge with others. Thank you so much for an amazing insight as to what life really has to offer us all. Geoffrey Kennell

OMW!  Can't believe you've had such a short's been great.  Thank you!  I do look forward to the next series and hope it's not too far into the distant future. It's really an inspiring concept with people looking forward (for a change) rather than harping on the past.  A bonus to see that men have been included as part of the Journey forward that is so evident in the current times. Let your absence from our screens be short and your return filled with hope and continued inspiration for all to ponder.  Blessings.....Leigh Armstrong

We have looked forward to and enjoyed every episode.  It has made us realise what adversities others conquer to achieve the remarkable. So sad to know it is coming to an end but look forward to the future "Good News" series! Congratulations to each one. Romary and Peter Wegerle

Loved Craig’s programme! Thank you for the wonderful series, I have so enjoyed and learnt a lot from this programme.  If there is not a new series in the pipeline, please repeat this series.  Good luck.  Joan Powell

I'd like to commend you on the step taken to assist our South African community on the journey of realizing our higher selves. We are a varied nation, with diverse cultures, religions and spiritual beliefs and the series helps interlace all of these through its enlightened content and inspirational messages. Levels of consciousness are increasing throughout the world, and South Africans in particular are becoming more awakened to further possibilities of the beings. Continue on your successful path, firstly to affirm we're on the right path and furthermore to inspire individuals to discover our own individual gifts and strengths, and to each contribute, in our own way, to a harmonious, diverse, creative, and collaborative future. Blessings, Nico Goodall


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